Shot clocks for basketball, Water Polo, Lacrosse, and other sports.

SKU: SC-24.

Shot clocks come in pairs and can be run independently of scoreboards or be linked to pause time together with linked scoreboard timing. Shot clocks are controlled by our push button handheld controller, or they can be controlled from our GameChanger video scoreboard control software along with a video screen.
As standard these are a single face model but can also be made as double and three face cabinets. Comes with hardwired controller (wireless controller option available).

Model Digit Size Dimensions
SC-24-200 200mm 400mm x 310mm x 100mm
SC-24-300 300mm 600mm x 400mm x 100mm
SC-24-400 400mm 750mm x 650mm x 100mm
SC-24-500 500mm 900mm x 750mm x 100mm

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