Outdoor soccer scoreboard using wide angled ultra bright LED digits. Scoreboard features two team scores up to 99, a 4 digit game timer, a siren and easy to use controller with 10m of communication cable (wireless controller is an option)

The game timer can be set to count down, count up, or to show time of day

Soccer is an action-packed sport full of penalty shots, hat tricks, headers, bicycle kicks and goal kicks. Enjoy the action and impress your Club with a fantastic OM-S Soccer scoreboard.

Your new super bright scoreboard shows a 2 digit score for each team plus a 4 digit game timer counting up or down.

The included external siren is automatically activated at the completion of timing. We can give you an extra loud siren if you need that.

Your controller is easy to use. It comes standard with 10 metres of communication cable or take the  wireless upgrade and do away with the cables.

This is our most popular model for permanent installation.

We make it simple for you. Larger models have lifting lugs on the top of the capping. You only need a standard 10 amp 240v power supply.

If you want to move the scoreboard around then smaller boards can come with a portable battery pack.

We use a rust-proof aluminium internal framework combined with colourbond cladding to ensure our boards are ready for all Aussie conditions.

Available Options

  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Professional Artwork
  • Powdercoated mobile trolley
  • Battery power pack with charger
  • Electronic Team Names
  • Scrolling Text Displays
Model Digit Size Scoreboard Size
OM-S-200 200mm 1200mm x 1000mm x 100mm
OM-S-300 300mm 2400mm x 1200mm x 100mm
OM-S-400 400mm 3000mm x 1500mm x 100mm
OM-S-500 500mm 3600mm x 1800mm x 100mm
OM-S-600 600mm 4200mm x 2100mm x 100mm
OM-S-750 750mm 4800mm x 2400mm x 100mm

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