Get your sticks ready for this Field Hockey Scoreboard.

Field Hockey can get intense with the ball flying down the field, sticks waving about, and goals being scored. While you concentrate on the game at hand, we’ll keep track of the score with the OM-HK-TN Field Hockey scoreboard. Showing each team's 2 digit score and the game timer, the included external siren will alert everone to the end of the period and it is automatically triggered at the completion of timing.

Plus electronic team names which provide 8 - 10 characters of text.

The easy to use keypad controller with LCD screen is included with 10 metres of communication cable. A wireless upgrade is available which will do away with the cable and also reduce installation costs.

Installing the scoreboard is made simple on the large models by including lifting/fitting lugs fabricated into the framwork at the top of the capping. Uses standard 10amp 240v power (actual power draw is much lower) or can be supplied to be powered from a portable battery pack (OM-200, OM-300 models only) for locations without power close by. The Rust-proof Aluminium internal framework, and IP65 rated cabinet mean the scoreboard is ready for all manners of outdoor exposure.

Available Options

  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Mobile trolley on pneumatic wheels
  • Rechargeable battery power pack
  • 10 year extended warranty
  • Sponsor Panel Graphics
  • Scrolling text display
Model Digit Size Scoreboard Size
OM-HK-200-TN 200mm 1400mm x 1200mm x 100mm
OM-HK-300-TN 300mm 2700mm x 1500mm x 100mm
OM-HK-400-TN 400mm 3100mm x 1800mm x 100mm
OM-HK-500-TN 500mm 4200mm x 2100mm x 100mm

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