Lawn Bowls Video Scoreboard

Lawn Bowls Video Scoreboard

See your rink scores alongside sponsor advertising on this video scoreboard.

A great scoreboard for Lawn Bowls! You can display rink scores clearly, along with sponsor advertising (still images or video). This is perfect to increase club revenue. It is much easier to sell sponsor advertisements when they know all eyes will be directed towards the scoreboard at crucial parts of matchplay.

Pixel Pitch

These displays come in varying resolutions which define how good the image will look at a given distance. Which one you need is dependant on your viewing distance. To recommend the best Pixel pitch we use a calculation invented by Apple for their 'Retina' Displays.

The ideal pitch for you depends on your installation but we will help you decide. Over the years we have found Lawn Bowls video screens are best at either P10 or P6 pixel pitch. This lets you view the screen up close and from anywhere in the general Club area. Great if you want to run movie nights or livestream game play from other pennants tournaments.

LED Display Quality

AusSport LED screens are sourced only from trusted suppliers. These suppliers have been hand picked from the 1000s of possible choices to ensure our product is rock solid. Our staff have visitied their factories and have training from both the screen and control system manufacturers. While the manufacturer is very important, the type of screen cabinet is too. Protecting your investment from the elements is critical. Fully sealed display units are our default option for all customers.

This scoreboard package includes

  • GameChanger scoring software for Lawn Bowls
  • Ability to display all types of graphics, text & video
  • Wireless data connection to handheld rink controllers
  • Wireless connection to a PC and video processor to let you play any kind of video
  • Audio output is available.

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