Hockey Video Scoreboard

Hockey Video Scoreboard

Generate sponsor income with this Hockey video scoreboard.

Your sponsors, your supporters and your players will be so impressed with this AusSport video scoreboard.

Bright, eye-catching LED screens lets you:

  • advertise images of sponsors product, logo or message - it makes it easy to sell sponsorship when your scoreboard can be used as a billboard
  • show your scores and time in any layout
  • make your Club logo come alive with animations
  • show videos for Club movie nights or fundraising opportunities

Pixel Pitch

You can choose pixel pitch resolutions which define how good the image will look at a given distance. We can help you select the right one.

When you crunch the numbers a P10 display is about right for most hockey fields.  Ask us for a quote and we can really pin down the right one for your field.

LED Display Quality

AusSport LED screens are sourced only from trusted suppliers. There are 1000s out there but we need to make sure your screen is rock solid reliable. We've visited their factories and trained with them.

The type of screen cabinet is really important too. Protecting your investment from the elements is critical. Fully sealed display units are our default option for all customers.

We know your screen will work reliably for many years to come.

This scoreboard package includes

  • GameChanger scoring software for Hockey and other sports as required including Cricket, Soccer, Union, League etc.
  • Ability to display all types of graphics, text & video
  • Player profiles and goal animations
  • Wireless data connection
  • Software updates to enable more features whilever we are supporting you


  • Video inputs for such as DVD/Blu-ray players, set top box or live video feed connection
  • Video replay input device
  • Broadcast grade video inputs
  • Powdercoated Trolley for Portable Use (smaller screens only)

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