FBC-P-200-TR Scoreboard

FBC-P-200-TR Scoreboard

Mobile AFL scoreboard. Save money on installation and keep it safe when not in use.

A portable AFL scoreboard solution that can accomodate most Aussie Rules grounds. This scoreboard can be positioned closer to the spectators as it is portable and can be securely stored away after use. This limits the need for a larger, more expensive scoreboard or installation costs that go with it. Includes a fully welded aluminium trolley with pneumatic wheels. It's perfect portable scoreboard for viewing up to 70 – 100m.

AFL Features

Scores - Automatically calculates Goals and Behinds to total score amounts for each team.

Cricket Features

Overs/Wickets - Tally in the middle column

Total Runs - Automatically tallied from batsmen runs.

Chasing Total - Shows previous innings total +1. Drops down at the start of each new innings.

Heavy duty, but lightweight construction

This AFL scoreboard uses a fully welded aluminium frame internally and Colorbond steel capping on the outside. The unbreakable polycarbonate fascia is covered in a custom vinyl print and laminated with an anti-glare over-laminate. This ensures that the scoreboard can be seen in all conditions including direct sunlight and that lights do not create the glare you may see on a lesser product. All materials are sourced from Australian suppliers and the scoreboards are assembled to high standards in our Factory.

Scoreboard controller

This scoreboard will include a handheld controller with a cabled connection to the scoreboard (10m cable included). A wireless option is available and is recommended for most applications as this will lower installation costs considerably.

Standard Sizes

FBC-P-200-TR 200mm 2.4m x .9m (Excluding trolley)

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