Show player fouls on this basketball scoreboard.

This Basketball scoreboard features 12 player numbers and respective fouls. It also displays all of the standard basketball inforamtion showing a 4 digit timer in minutes and seconds, scores to 999 and periods to 4. Possession arrows, team fouls and Sub Indicators are also included. All digits use ultra-bright wide angled LEDs for the best viewing anywhere on the court.  Scores Basketball, Netball, Futsal, Volleyball and Cricket.

Additional Features

1/100 of a second timing in the final minute
Includes internal siren with option for extra loud external siren

Scoreboard controller

This scoreboard will include a laptop based controller with a cabled connection to the scoreboard (30m cable included). A wireless option is available and is recommended for most applications as this will lower installation costs considerably.
Heavy duty, but lightweight construction
This basketball scoreboard uses a fully welded aluminium frame internally and Colorbond steel capping on the outside. The unbreakable polycarbonate fascia is covered in a custom vinyl print and laminated with an anti-glare over-laminate. This ensures that the scoreboard can be seen in all conditions (including direct sunlight) and that overhead lights do not create the glare effect you may see on a lesser product. All materials are sourced from Australian suppliers and the scoreboards are assembled to high standards in our Factory."

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