Our Team

our wonderful people!

Peter 160 x 200

An Electrical Engineer from birth…apparently. He’s been playing with all things electrical and electronic for a very long time now.

Peter worked in the electricity supply industry and then ran his own IT business for many years. He absolutely believes in doing things right and just loves being able to solve problems.

Mal 160 x 200 new

Mal is the key member of our sales team.

He has found successful LED signage and scoreboard solutions for organisations and sporting teams throughout Australia.

He’s our goto person when it’s business OR when you want a chat. He’s that sort of guy.


James 160 x 200
Technical Manager

AKA ‘Merlin, the Wizard’. James can always be found nutting out a techy scoreboard head scratcher or learning the newest of screen technologies.

He is the face of our GameChanger software. It was developed by James from a few ideas on paper to a fully fledged industry leader.

Meg 160x200
Admin Manager

Every business needs a Meg! If she’s not keeping all the admin tasks ticking over like clockwork she’s chatting to customers, talking to suppliers or just generally keeping everyone else in line.

Meg loves her sport almost as much as she loves her family!

Wade 160x200
Assembly Tech

Wade knows LED displays like no one else, especially scoreboards. He has driven process and product improvement at AusSport.

With his Electronics training at TAFE and his never ending enthusiasm for the job he has rapidly become a key player in our team

He can be found fishing or playing drums in his band when not at AusSport

Matt 160x200
Assembly Tech

Matt lives on the factory floor making sure every one of our boards is picture perfect before it goes out the door.

He developed his skills in other industries and has many life skills as well. His eye for detail is second to none.

The good news is he is passionate about electronics and always works to make things right

AusSport Port Macquarie. Pic: Lindsay Moller Productions
Graphic Design and Print

There is a creative amongst us!

Gaz turns out the great looking custom prints for scoreboards. Give him your logo and be prepared to be impressed. In fact Gaz is great for almost any graphic design task.

When Gaz is not at work he can be found with his family somewhere on a soccer field on the Mid North Coast.

Roger 160x200
Assembly Tech

Roger is another of our talented technical people.

With an airforce engineering background he really understands what is happening when those electrons are whizzing around our boards!

A great asset in our team.