No communication


The scoreboard turns on and displays dashes but there is no communication between the controller and the scoreboard.


There are many reasons there would be a communication error between the controller and scoreboard and depending on several factors such as wireless/wired age of scoreboard and controller type. The solution will be different depending on the setup.

Wireless/Wired Windows (XP, Vista, 7) PC - The typical setup uses a USB wireless transmitter to send data to the scoreboard. The program on your computer needs to know the address of the USB port (COM Port) to be able to communicate. If your program has a COM Port setting in it you will need to make sure that it matches the hardware address on your computer. If it does not have a COM Port setting you will need to change the port in the device manager to (COM 1).

Windows CE Controller - If you recieve no errors from the program when starting it up it is likley a problem with the transmitter/serial converter, cable, reciever in the scoreboard (Wireless) or the control card in the scoreboard.

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