Rugby Union Scoreboard with VMS displays

Rugby Union Scoreboard
Rugby Union Scoreboard

This multi-sport scoreboard can score Rugby, Rugby Union, Australian Rules (AFL) and Soccer. It features a VMS display for team names and a game time/time of day clock.

The scoreboard cabinet is fabricated from lightweight aluminium with the capping and cladding made of commercial Colorbond cladding to your choice of colours. Digits can be either red/amber, yellow or green wide angled super-ultra bright LED's... all of which are highly visible in direct sunlight. The score digits are protected with a clear polycarb Lexan panel.

Available Options:

  • Wireless RF Remote Control
  • Loud External Siren
  • Club or Sponsor logo Applied
  • 10 Year Extended Warranty
  • Previous Game Scores (200mm, 300mm or 400mm)
  • Scrolling Text Display (300mm, 400mm, 500mm)
  • Solar Power

Scoreboard Size
6500mm x 1950mm
Product Type: 
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