Swimming Scoreboard (SWIM-LPTx6)

Swimming Scoreboard

Any digit layout can be designed and fabricated to suit particular client specifications. Additional digits and score headings can be provided to account for any size pool or swimming event configuration. We can also supply swimming scoreboards as fully matrix LED in either full colour RGB, 2-colour, grayscale or alpha numeric VMS. These options will allow full versatility of sponsor/advertisor images, video and text as well as the standard scoreboard programming.

Swimming Scoreboard showing variable Lane, Lane Place and Lane Time The above shows a scoreboard layout for 6 x lanes but it can be modified for less or more lanes as required. Lane times can be set to be manually entered or can be set up with indiviual lane timer stop watches. Comes with Windows software controller with 100 feet / 30 metres of communication cable. Wireless controlled communication is an option.

Available Options

  • Wireless Remote PC controller for use with electronic text displays & numeric scoreboard
  • Mobile trolley on pneumatic wheels or trailer mount for larger scoreboards
  • 10 year extended warranty
  • Sponsor Panel Graphics
  • Pair of LED 8-10 digit electronic team name displays (various sizes).
  • LED electronic 21+ digit VMS scrolling text display for advertising or game info (various sizes)

Model # Digit Size Scoreboard Size
SWIM-LPTx6-200 8" - 200mm 4' x 6.56' x 4” - 1200mm x 2000mm x 100mm
SWIM-LPTx6-300 12" - 300mm 6' x 8.85' x 4” - 1800mm x 2700mm x 100mm
SWIM-LPTx6-400 16" - 400mm 8' x 11' x 4" - 2400mm x 3400mm x 100mm
SWIM-LPTx6-500 20" - 500mm 10' x 13.75' x 4" - 3000mm x 4200mm x 100mm
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