Multi-Sport Scoreboard (VB-9D)

Multi-Sport Scoreboard (Volleyball) Squash, Racquetball

Volleyball Scoreboard / multi-sport scoreboard featuring set number; 2 sets of game score; 2 x set scores. All digits are 8" / 200mm high ultra-bright LED wide angled viewing. Protective Lexan fascia. Includes hard wired controller with LCD display screen.

Any digit layout can be designed and fabricated to suit particular client specifications. Also, any layout can be made with larger digits than what is specified. Any custom Volleyball Scoreboard layout can also be provided. Also Scores Squash, Racquetball.

Available Options

  • Wireless Remote Control AC System for use with standard numeric scoreboards
  • Wireless Remote Notepad PC controller for use with electronic text displays & numeric scoreboard
  • Mobile trolley on pneumatic wheels
  • Protective cages
  • Rechargeable battery power pack and solar power
  • 10 year extended warranty
  • Sponsor Panel Graphics
  • Manual and electronic player name boards
  • VMS scrolling text display for advertising or game info (various sizes)
Scoreboard Size
48 " x 18 " x 4" / 1200mm x 450mm x 100mm
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