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Lap Counters
Lap Counter

Lap Timers can count laps up or down depending on preference. If counting down, the Last Lap displays "LL" to notify participants of the final lap. This unit can be programmed however required to be as a standard counter or showing hours or minutes or seconds or any combination. Digit sizes range from 200mm high all the way up to 914mm high.


  • Fabrication of 2 digit wide angled ultra bright LED digits
  • Fabricated in outdoor Lightweight weatherproof cabinet.  
  • Plug-in controller to have 10m of lead. 
  • Up counting - to increment up by one by press of button on controller.  
  • Down counting – starting number can be set. Laps decrement down by one by press of button on controller. Final three count to be 3 – 2 - “LL” (last lap)
  • Timer – to count up or down as required
  • Option of single, double or triple sided models.