Electronic Petrol and Gas Digital LED Price Changers
Electronic Petrol and Gas Digital LED Price Changers

While the price of oil continues to fluctuate, keep the cost for maintaining price changers low and steady.

A cost-effective design, a modular approach, energy saving LED's and a user-friendly interfaces make AusSport's LED gas price changers the best solution for your price changing needs.

  • Cost effective
  • Multiple GPC designs and sizes to fit your application
  • Bright LED's
  • Easy to change prices with keypad or handheld remote
  • Lightweight
  • Modular design allows for easy mounting, installation and maintenance
  • Red & Green numerals available
  • Cost efficient, energy saving LED's
  • Standard and Premium sizes of 12", 16" and 24" for Gas Price Changers and 300mm, 400mm and 600mm sizes for Petrol Price Changers
  • Large custom sizes for Highways and Motorways of 36", 48", 60" and 72" for Gas Price Changers and 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm digits for Petrol Price Changers


Employing vibrant, wide-angled LED's, AusSport Gas and Petrol Price Changers provide attention catching copy day and night. Even in direct sunlight or around other price changer signs, AusSport GPC displays stand out and communicate gas prices effectively.

Cost and Time Efficient

From design to in-the-field operation. AusSport's GPCs simply reduce costs. An efficient 7-segment digit design combined with a lean production process lowers costs from the start, and the ability to change all GPC prices at one location at the push of a button can save an enormous amount of time.

Easy to Operate

A handheld remote with a simple interface allows end-users to enter and edit mode, increase or decrease any or all digits, and even change the brightness of their displays(s). A hardwired keypad can also be utilized.

Multiple Sizes and Configurations Available

With multiple digit sizes available, AusSport has the price changer to fit any customer's needs. Also, similar to other AusSport products, we utilize a modular approach with our price changers, adding flexibility and ease of maintenance.


  • Character Format - Petrol Price Changers: 888.9
  • Character Format - Gas Price Changers: 8.88 9/10
  • Display Brightness Standard LED's: 3000 NITs (adjustable)
  • Display Brightness Premium LED"s: 5000 NITs (adjustable)
  • Display Brightness Large Custom LED's: Minimum 5000 NITs (adjustable)
  • Operating Temperature Gas Price Changers: -4 F to 122 F
  • Operating Temperature Petrol Price Changers: -20 C to 50 C


Petrol Price Changers

  • Digit Size: 300mm - Panel Dimensions: 405mm x 965mm
  • Digit Size: 400mm - Panel Dimensions: 465mm x 1155mm
  • Digit Size: 600mm - Panel Dimensions: 660mm s 1560mm

Gas Price Changers

  • Digit Size: 12" - Panel Dimensions: 16" x 38"
  • Digit Size: 16" - Panel Dimensions: 18.35" x 45.5"
  • Digit Size: 24" - Panel Dimensions: 26" x 61.4"
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