Full Matrix LED VMS Grayscale Display/Scoreboard

Full Colour Color Grayscale Video Scoreboard/Display. Multi-Sports

Fully matrix LED VMS scoreboards can be fabricated to suit any size and specifications. These scoreboards can be alpha/numeric text only or fully grayscale to allow for 256 shades of gray images and video for advertising, game and sponsor messages and/or graphics. Prices for these units are on application. The custom programming is PC based and designed to suit the scoreboard requirements. This scoreboard is fully grayscale and can be made to any possible size. It comes standard with scoreboard programming as well as full media programming so that advertising and sponsor graphics (video and still images) as well as all manners of text options can be displayed.


  • Long life LED's for up to 100,000 hours of viewing life
  • Character sizes ranging from as small as 3" (80mm) up to as large as the entire display
  • Warranty up to 5 years plus extended warranty options
  • Stores and displays all manners of messages, graphics and videos
  • Front and rear serviceable options
  • Custom logos and graphics can be created
  • Various communication options including hard-wired and wireless
  • User-friendly control software
  • Wide vertical and horizontal viewing angles
  • Lightweight, highly durable aluminium extruded casings
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