Full Colour Video Scoreboard (Rugby Union)

Full Colour Video Scoreboard Rugby
Full Colour Video Scoreboard Rugby
Full Colour Video Scoreboard Rugby

Fully Matrix scoreboards give you the ability to display your scores and time in any layout and then integrate your scoreboard with a video capable media billboard. This style of scoreboard has become a very popular option that many clubs are now selecting due to the affordability of full colour LED panels and the custom sports programming that AusSport is able to provide.

In addition to the scoreboard programming for each of the sports you require, you will also be able to display all manners of text, static graphics, images, logos, advertising, moving text, moving graphics, video graphics, advertising, time of day and essentially anything that you are able to display on a standard PC monitor. Your controller will be an industrial PC with monitor or we can make it as a laptop computer if preferred. On the monitor there will be a replica of the scoreboard so that line of site between the control operator and the scoreboard itself is not required.

Full colour RGB LED video scoreboard and replay screens can be fabricated for any size venue. Custom designed displays include control software to suit your venue so that you provide your audience with the best visual enhancment possible to maximise their live game experience.

  • State-of-the-art video screen with the added flexibility to be
    easily removed and relocated to various events when
    needed allows for additional revenue opportunity.
  • Indoor video screens from 4.7mm -10mm pixel pitch
  • Outdoor video screens from 12mm - 35mm pixel pitch
  • Fully wired or wireless input options
  • Single, double or four sided displays
  • Integrated LED or electromagnetic scoreboards set up to
    score any sport
  • Software to control sport scoring, video input, text, sponsor
    messages, graphics, notices and a plethora of other visual
  • Various LED options to cater to your budget constraints
  • LED life span of 100,000+ hours


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