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Our LED video scoreboard gives you the ability to display your scores and time but also display sponsor advertisements. Many clubs are now choosing this style of scoreboard due to the income they can generate through advertising.

What can a Video Scoreboard do?

An LED video scoreboard can be easily customised to display the current scores in any layout. A simple drag and drop interface and colour picker means the club can have the scoreboard customised to their preference. Club colours, high contrast, or green and gold. Your choice!

In addition to the scoreboard programming for each of the sports your club requires, the scoreboard operator will also be able to display scrolling text messages and image/video playlists. Pre-game, half-time and post-game playlists can be shown on the screen too while scores are not the main focus. Selling this time to your sponsors is the best way to generate an income, even enough to have the scoreboard pay itself off. Automated video events, such as goal animations are included. These can be customised to show a custom animation from your sponsor or combine the default animation with your sponsor’s image.

While not in use as a scoreboard, the screens can also show movies or slideshows.

Video Scoreboard Options

These scoreboards can be any size due to being modular. We offer standard sizes to simplify the process and often have these screens in stock. This means we can supply at very short notice. Size is the most important factor for outdoor displays, then resolution or Pixel Pitch.

Standard Sizes

These standard sizes are kept in stock. It is recommended to opt for the medium size or larger when scoring Cricket.

  • Entry Level: 2m x 1.5m
  • Medium: 3m x 2m
  • Serious:  4m x 3m

Pixel Pitch

The pixel pitch of the display is how far apart the pixels are from each other. The closer they are, the clearer the image. For most sporting applications the 16mm pixel pitch is ideal. Once the audience starts getting closer to the screen a better pixel pitch will be needed.

  • DIP P16 – The default option. Great for viewing in direct sunlight from across the field.
  • DIP P10 – Higher definition than the P16. Better than the P16 in sunlight.
  • SMD P8 – Higher definition than the P10 and P16. Not advised for use in direct sunlight.
  • SMD P6 – Highest definition outdoor display. Not advised for use in direct sunlight.

Why Choose AusSport?

  • Having been in the industry since the 1990’s we are very familiar with LED screen suppliers.
  • Our technicians have factory training from NovaStar, the industry leaders in LED screen control systems.
  • Data redundancy in all scoreboards. The screen will still work if a data cable fails.
  • Wireless control as standard.
  • Seamless integration into our traditional scoreboards.
  • Hybrid Video Scoreboard / Traditional Scoreboard options.
  • In-house built control software. Free software updates enabling new features. Custom requests.

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