Football (Gridiron) Period Timer (FB-15)

Football (Gridiron) Period Timer

Fabrication of football period timer featuring Interchangeable colons and white divider line, along with controller software features, allow the operator to easily change the configuration of the timer so that PERIOD can go to 9 or 99. Likewise, the clock can be easily changed to count down from 9:59 or 99:59 maximum depending on your requirements Built-in loud horn included. Timer can be automatically set to run from one drill to the next (like 2:00 drills) until it is stopped and is easily changed for varying times (25 second snap clock drills etc). Includes controller with a 10' control cable and a 25' control cable extension.

Model # Digit Size Scoreboard Size
FB-15 13" - 330mm 4' x 2' x 8" - 1200mm x 600mm x 200mm
FB-20 20" - 500mm 6' x 3' x 8" - 1800mm x 900mm x 200mm
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