Canoe Polo Scoreboard (CP-XX)

Canoe Polo Scoreboard

Canoe Polo Scoreboard & 24 Hour Flatwater Timer to incorporate super-ultra bright LED digits. As scoreboard set-up digits would report home and away scores to 99 and timer to be set from variable times up to 99 minutes ad 59 seconds. Siren to sound at end of time. Board is supplied with approximately 40 metres (130') of control cabling between the scoreboard unit and controller with LCD display to set time. Includes sin bin lights which go red when player sin-binned and green at end of two minute time. 24 Hour timer is programmed so that the 'HOME' digits bec ome the 24 hour clock with the main time counting down minutes and seconds. The 'AWAY' score digits would go to black.

Available Options

  • Wireless Remote Control AC System for use with standard numeric scoreboards
  • Wireless Remote Notepad PC controller for use with electronic text displays & numeric scoreboard
  • Mobile trolley on pneumatic wheels or trailer mount for larger scoreboards
  • Rechargeable battery power pack and solar power
  • 10 year extended warranty
  • Sponsor Panel Graphics
  • Pair of LED 8-10 digit electronic team name displays (various sizes).
  • LED electronic 21+ digit VMS scrolling text display for advertising or game info (various sizes)

Model # Digit Size Scoreboard Size
CP-BS-200 8" - 200mm 14" x 4.5' x 4” - 350mm x 1400mm x 100mm
CP-BS-300 12" - 300mm 20" x 5.75' x 4” - 500mm x 1700mm x 100mm
CP-BS-400 16" - 400mm 2.3' x 7.25' x 4” - 700mm x 2200mm x 100mm
CP-BS-500 20" - 500mm 3' x 8' x 4” - 900mm x 2400mm x 100mm
CP-BS-600 24" - 600mm 4' X 10' 8" x 4" - 1200mm x 3200mm x 100mm
CP-BS-750 30" - 750mm 5' x 13' 4" x 4" - 1500mm x 4000mm x 100mm
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