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The product KIT Performance BOARD is designed for the sports where the final score of a performance is given by the vote of more judges, for example: gymnastics, the martial arts, the synchronized swimming, etc..
Main features:

  • It comes with infrared remote controls , supplied with a display, through which the judges can cast and see their own vote and send it to the main scoreboard during the voting.
  • Visualization of decimal scores (from 0.0 to 9.9) as well as integer scores (from 0 to 99).
  • The possibility of setting up the number of judges from 1 to 5.
  • Automatic calculation and visualization of the result when all the scores have been received.
  • Choice of the calculation mode to obtain the result: 1) total sum; 2) partial sum, excluding the highest and lowest vote; 3) total average; 4) partial average, excluding the highest and lowest vote; 5) Partial average, studied especially for gymnastics.
  • Choice of rounding off for the result: with 1, 2 or 3 decimal digits. Useful when the result is obtained from an average.
  • With more than 3 digits the result can be viewed in 2 phases: a result with up to 6 digits can therefore be visualized in the case of 3 integers plus 3 decimal digits.
  • The operator can manage all functions of the scoreboard by remote control: programming, vote resetting, command for starting the vote, etc.
  • Wrestling option available.

This Boxing scoreboard modlel Includes:

  • 1pc art.145 AUS-JDG-5 Scoreboard for 5 votes and totalizator
  • 7pcs art.140-02 Remote control (1 for the scoreboard operator, 5 for the five judges, 1 spare unit)
  • 1pc art.140-10 Suitcase for 7 remote controls
  • 1pc art.140-20 Phone cable 6/4, 1.5m long