Boxing/Martial Arts/Wrestling Scoreboard (AUS-JUD)

Electronic Boxing/Martial Arts/Wrestling Scoreboard

This boxing scoreboard AUS-JUD is a judo scoreboard ideal for judo tournaments and it is also indicated for sports or training with Action/Pause sequences such as boxing, taekwondo, spinning, etc. AUS-JUD is programmable to work with both the old rules and the new rules of the IJF (International Judo Federation), in force since January 2009. Wrestling option available.

  • Height of digits: 9cm, easily visible for over 30m.
  • Scores: KOKA, YUKO, WAZA-ARI and IPPON scores in direct mode through the special keys or automatically as a consequence of penalties inflicted to the opponent.
  • Penalties: SHIDO-1-2-3 and HANSOKU-MAKE.
  • Contest time: programmable.
  • Osaekomi times: are programmable to obtaining the Ippon and the Waza-ari.
  • Medical crosses: two medical crosses per side.
  • Acoustic signal: automatic at the end of the contest or at the end of the Osaekomi time, programmable with 3 different types of sound and 3 levels of volume.
  • Training mode: programming of "action-pause" sequences by the setting of the Action time, Pause time and Number of sequences; useful for kick-boxing, boxing, fitness environments, etc
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