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A Basketball/Futsal/Soccer scoreboard with video display. The Scoreboard main timer, when not in use for an event, becomes a time of day clock. Includes a manual siren control. Standard scoreboard color is black with white captions. Other colors are available. Standard language is English. The Overall Scoreboard size is Dependent upon video display size.

Scoreboard features:

  • 20” high yellow LED digits for Game Clock
  • 20” high red LED digits for 24 second clock
  • 20” high yellow LED digits for game scores to 999
  • 16” high red LED digits for Team Fouls
  • 16” high yellow LED digits for Time Outs
  • 4” round yellow LED indicators for Periods x 4
  • Final minute of timing 1/10 or 1/100 second timing
  • Game siren sounds at 00:00
  • Mounting via rear brackets
  • Dedicated hard-wired controller for numeric scoreboard with LCD read-out and 200′ of communication cable
  • Aluminum fabrication

RGB video screen features:

  • 20mm pixel pitch full colour (2Red x 1Green x 1Blue)
  • Physical resolution 96 x 192 = 18,432 physical pixels
  • Virtual resolution 192 x 384 = 73,728 virtual pixels
  • Screen display size: 76” high x 151” long
  • Brightness: 6000 nits
  • Average Power: 2948 watts / Max Power 7370 watts
  • Input Voltage: AC110v / 60Hertz
  • Weight: 865 lbs
  • View Angle: Horizontal 120 deg / Vertical 60 deg
  • Brightness controls: 100 levels
  • Digital Processing: 10 bits
  • Gray Scale: 1.07 billion
  • Colors Capability: 30 bits
  • Frame Rate: 60 Hertz
  • Drive Type: Constant current drive
  • Scan Type: Static
  • Life Span: >100,000 hours
  • Ingress protection: Front IP65 / Rear IP43
  • Operating Temp: -4 to 122 degrees F
  • Display input: VGA, DVI, RGBHV, PbPr(HDTV, Composite, S-video, TV