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Multi-sport scoreboard featuring time count-down in minutes and seconds, scores to 999, fouls and periods to 4. All digits are ultra-bright LED wide angled viewing. Protective Lexan fascia. Includes hard wired controller with LCD display screen. Internal siren connected with external siren supplied.
This scoreboard includes an exam timer function in addition to the standard game timer. This is ideal for schools who use the sports hall for an exam area. This is a very popular model for multi-sports venues as the basic basketball score features can also cater to other indoor sports such as netball and futsal. We have many other scoreboard layouts as well should you require an alternative design or score features. Scores for Basketball, Netball, Soccer (Football) and Futsal.

Available Options

  • Wireless Remote Control AC System
  • Sponsor Panel Graphics
  • Protective cage
  • Extra loud Siren
  • 10 Year Extended Warranty
  • Mobile Trolley on Pneumatic Wheels

Shot Clocks

  • SC-24-200: Pair of 200mm Shot Clocks
  • SC-24-300: Pair of 300mm Shot Clocks
  • SC-24-400: Pair of 400mm Shot Clocks
  • SC-24-500: Pair of 500mm Shot Clocks
Model # Digit Size Scoreboard Size
BB-EX-200-8 7.8″ – 200mm 5′ 10″ x 3′ 7″ x 3.9″- 1800mm x 1100mm x 100mm
BB-EX-200-12 11.8″ – 300mm 7′ 10″ x 3′ 7″ x 3.9″ – 2400mm x 1100mm x 100mm
BB-EX-200-16 15.7″ – 400mm 9′ 10″ x 4′ 11″ x 3.9″ – 3000mm x 1500mm 100mm
BB-EX-200-20 19.6″ – 500mm 11′ 9″ x 5′ 10″ x 3.9″ – 3600mm x 1800mm x 100mm