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This is the traditional Aussie rules / cricket scoreboard showing the goals, behinds and total scores inclusive of game timer that can be programmed to count UP, count DOWN or be a time of day clock. Also comes with cricket programming to allow use by Cricket during the summer.

This is the most popular model for permanently mounted scoreboards at Aussie rules grounds. All scoreboards have lifting/fitting lugs fabricated into framework at top of capping for ease of installation and secure mounting. Uses standard 10amp 240v power. Made to live outside. Comes standard with external siren, hard wired controller with 10m of cabling (wireless RF controller an option).

Available Options:

  • Wireless RF Remote Control
  • Loud External Siren
  • Club or Sponsor logo Applied
  • 10 Year Extended Warranty
  • Previous Game Scores (200mm, 300mm or 400mm)
  • Pair of LED electronic team name displays (300mm, 400mm, 500mm)
  • Scrolling Text Display (300mm, 400mm, 500mm)
  • Solar Power


Game Timer
Can be set to count up or down with pre-set times and ability to extra time. Position of game timer can be either above or below the score digits and set far left, centre of far right in scoreboard cabinet.

Automatically calculates Goals and Behinds to Total Score amounts for each team.

2 digits for GOALS
2 digits for BEHINDS
3 digits for TOTAL


Game timer
Set as Time of Day clock by Default. Can be programmed to be count up or down timer if requested at time of order.

Batsmen Runs
The first column (left) becomes individual Batsmen scores which tally up to 999 for each Batsmen. These individual scores automatically add up to the total runs.

Tally in the middle column +/- x 1

Total Runs
Automatically tallied from batsmen Runs.

Chasing Total
Shows previous innings +1 run. Drops down at the start of each new innings.

FBC-200-NC 200mm 2.4m x .9m (No Clock)
FBC-200 200mm 2.4m x 1.2m
FBC-300-NC 300mm 3.6m x 1.56m (No Clock)
FBC-300 300mm 3.6m x 1.96m
FBC-400-NC 400mm 4.8m x 1.8m (No Clock)
FBC-400 400mm 4.8m x 2.26m
FBC-500-NC 500mm 6m x 2m (No Clock)
FBC-500 500mm 6m x 2.4m
FBC-600-NC 600mm 7m x 2.2m (No Clock)
FBC-600 600mm 7m x 2.8m
FBC-750-NC 750mm 8m x 2.4m (No Clock)
FB-C-750 750mm 8m x 3.2m