32inch Floor Standing Self-Service Inquiry Kiosk

32inch Floor Standing Touch Inquiry Kiosk

The standing touch and inquiry all-in-one KIOSK is a touch control product that it integrates touch, industrial control, computer multimedia and other technologies. It can provide public information. Together with the fingerprint device, scanner, card reader, mini-printer, and other peripherals it will meet different customers needs.

This kind of product can be widely used in banks, post offices, telecoms, shopping malls, hotels, airports, and other public places, mainly supplying various inquiries, browsing online, displaying advertisments, etc.

  • Screen Size: 32 inch LCD screen (47 inch or other sizes optional)
  • Touch Screen: Surface Acoustic Wave Touch Screen
  • Color: Blue, Silver, Gray, Orange, etc
  • Control Panel: Power switch, volume adjustment
  • Audio: Optional
  • Power: input AC 220V, 50HZ
  • Working Environment: operation temperature (0-50 degree); humidity (40%-80%); storage temperature (-20-70 degree)
  • Peripherals: Host, IC card, Magcard, Barcode Function, Small Keyboard, Mini Printer, Fingerprint Attendance Machine
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