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Numeric displays can be programmed to use as event timers, game clocks, time of day clocks, lap counters or any other application that is time or counting based. Specific timing programs can be provided to suit any sport or commercial application. These units can also be made as ‘plug and play’, hard wired, wireless or ethernet controlled.

These units can be made single or double side. The controller can be mounted on the cabinet frame, be hard wired, wireless or operate off PC interface.

Available options

  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Rechargeable battery power pack and solar power
  • 10 year extended warranty
  • Sponsor / club Panel Graphics
  • Pair of LED 8-10 digit electronic team name displays (various sizes).
  • LED electronic 21+ digit VMS scrolling text display for advertising or game info (various sizes)


Digit Height Dimensions Max Viewing Distance
6″ – 150mm 10″ x 14.75″ x 4″ – 250 x 450 x 100mm 240′ – 75m
8″ – 200mm 12″ x 21.75″ x 4″ – 300 x 555 x 100mm 325′ – 100m
12″ – 300mm 16″ x 29.25″ x 4″ – 400 x 740 x 100mm 500′ – 150m
16″ – 400mm 20″ x 36.75 ” x 4″ – 500 x 930 x 100mm 650′ – 200m
20″ – 500mm 24″ x 45.25″ x 4″ – 600 x 1150 x 100mm 820′ – 250m